Robservations for November 5, 2020

5 Nov
So I am not always the most inspired or energetic person when it comes to physical duties. Procrastination really just becomes laziness at some point. So it seemed logical to leave the decorative squash in my yard, even after it...
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Robservations for October 8, 2020

8 Oct
It is Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally a family get-together with a lovely meal. I am very thankful to have been part of many of those. I really hope that everyone gets at least something special this weekend. I wish everyone in...
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Robservations for September 24, 2020

24 Sep
observations We are approaching Thanksgiving, a time of giving thanks. For me, some gratitude every day is a better way to go. I have received and continue to receive a lot of support through my cancer and kidney failure. Without...
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