Robservations For July 29, 2021

29 Jul
This morning’s dialysis has changed my thoughts on my Robservations this week. I was going to write about kindness and respect and quit judging and condemning others that we know nothing about. All our journeys are very different. You know,...
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Robservations For July 15, 2021

15 Jul
Again, a tough column to put together. I have spent the day on dialysis and doing lots of research and nothing that I see makes any sense. Messaging from the W.H.O. conflicts with messaging from the CDC and both conflict...
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Robservations For July 8, 2021

8 Jul
How do we find happiness? For me, each day is a new beginning and I have these two beautiful Basset hounds that can bring plenty of joy (or a bit of grief) every single time we interact. It is heart-warming...
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Robservations For July 1, 2021

1 Jul
Who do you trust in this world? Who do you know you can rely on under any circumstances? Who has your best interests on their list of concerns? Is it you family? Do you have close friends? Coworkers, boss, classmates,...
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