Robservations for May 21, 2020

21 May
Hey folks, I apologize for the political nature of this issue of The Valley Peak. I will likely be getting shut down soon as I am not agreeing with all the propaganda put out by the mainstream media. Fear mongering...
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Robservations for May 7, 2020

7 May
In my opinion, and you do not have to agree, I see a lot of strange things happen-ing in today’s society. This virus thingy has a lot of people very scared. Sadly, many will actually be literally scared to death....
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Robservations For April 23, 2020

23 Apr
There are a lot of strange feelings going through the valley right now. Many of them are based upon fear and panic, likely the worst premises to base your feelings upon. Some folks are very unsure about sterile techniques. They...
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Robservations for April 16, 2020

15 Apr
This is an interesting time for everyone. People are trying to prevent transmission of germs and viruses by being sterile and staying socially distant. A side effect of all of this is that we are really missing the transmission of...
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Robservations for April 9, 2020

9 Apr
It is tricky to write about happy things when everyone I chat with is in total paranoid mode. I think a good thing to remember is that lots of ‘infected’ people are recovering. It seems like being healthy is a...
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Robservations for March 19, 2020

19 Mar
I am not really sure what to say here. Obviously every newscast, every conversation and every situation is based on the out-break of the corona virus. Watching the public panic at this point is rather interest-ing. You look a bit...
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