Robservations for July 5, 2018

5 Jul
So this bone marrow cancer and kidney failure thing brings a lot of changes to my life. One that I never really considered is how handsome they have apparently made me. We all want to ‘look good’ and it feels...
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Robservations for June 28, 2018

28 Jun
The community based around the Colum-bia Valley is incredible. Yes there are a few smaller communities but everyone still knows and often helps each other. I have really missed it. I am very blessed to be part of this valley....
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Robservations for June 7, 2018

7 Jun
So everyone has problems, whether they are based on money, health, relationships, work or whatever. Everyone. Unfortunately people are so worried about being judged that they keep so many of their issues to themselves. We keep things bottled up and...
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