Robservations for July 4, 2019

4 Jul
I need a couple philanthropists who would like to help change the lives of a lot of people. People who are doing hemodialysis. They are trapped. People on hemo have to be in a renal unit every second day for...
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Robservations For June 20, 2019

20 Jun
How do you define yourself? When some-one asks you about yourself, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Do you answer with information about your job? Is it what is most important to you? Do you talk...
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Robservations for May 30, 2019

31 May
I really want to write about our Government system and how none of the parties actually give two bits of concern about the citizens of Canada but that really depress-es me. I just don’t understand how our society works. A...
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