Robservations for August 6, 2020

6 Aug
Here we are again, Robservations. Thanks for reading The Valley Peak. I know not everyone agrees with all my thoughts but at least some of them might get you think-ing about things a bit differently. I try not to be...
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Robservations for July 30, 2020

30 Jul
This is always a tough article to put on paper. I have a lot of thoughts, mostly about being kind, non-judgmental, helpful and stuff like that. And I hope that most people try to think about and perform those kinds...
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Robservations for July 2, 2020

2 Jul
Things are definitely picking up here in the valley. More and more businesses are open. There are a lot more people, both locals and guests, who are out and about. I like it. I like to see people smiling, chatting...
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Robservations for June 25, 2020

25 Jun
This ‘new normal’ really sucks. I am glancing at past issues and the end of June and start of July were always very busy times. The Valley Peak was full of live music events, markets, breakfasts, parades, fire-works, festivals and...
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Robservations for June 18, 2020

18 Jun
The human race is an interesting study. Every single one of us is so different from any other one. That is definitely something worth studying a bit and also celebrating. We all think so differently than each other. Unfortunately, another...
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Robservations for June 11, 2020

11 Jun
‘Love thy neighbour’. That is a pretty common phrase that actually originated in the Bible. And it does make sense. Get along with your friends, family and neighbours and life will be pretty good between you and them. But what...
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