Robservations for October 20, 2016

20 Oct
‘The Law of Attraction’ basically tells us that we receive the energy that we put out there. If we are walking around feeling miserable and expecting the worst, then we will keep feeling miserable and experience the worst. If we...
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Robservations for October 13, 2016

13 Oct
Human life is quite the concept. We begin as a joining of two cells and become an incredible complex living organism with millions of cells. We are born and live carefree as children, become rebellious as teenagers, and eventually try...
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Robservations for September 22, 2016

22 Sep
For many years, readers would come to me with thoughts about this column, ‘Robservations’. It was one of the first things they read each week. Kind of a touchy-feely sort of adventure. That has all changed now. Watson has become...
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