Robservations for August 31, 2023

31 Aug
Always remember that everyone out there has some issues in their lives. It could be health, money, work, relationships, family, addictions, depression or a combination of any of these and so many more. We all like to walk around like...
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Robservations for August 10, 2023

10 Aug
Life is a long journey of self-growth and realization. I have made many friends through high school, college, university, business, sports and more. Every one of them seemed like they would be a close friend for life. But actually, the...
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Robservations for July 20, 2023

20 Jul
Much of my writing is pretty controversial to many people. Some folks would rather just carry on with their daily life than contemplate that things may not be as good as they should be. Personally I find many things off...
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Robservations for July 13 2023

13 Jul
Perceived authority is a strange thing. Many of us are easy victims to bullying by people that we give power to, whether they deserve it or not. Our government are our paid employees. Remember that. They do not have the...
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Robservations for July 6 2023

6 Jul
It has been an interesting couple of weeks for The Valley Peak. More and more peo-ple have been contacting me with input on what I have been writing and almost all of them have been very positive. A huge shout...
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