Robservations for May 30, 2019

31 May
I really want to write about our Government system and how none of the parties actually give two bits of concern about the citizens of Canada but that really depress-es me. I just don’t understand how our society works. A...
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Robservations for May 23, 2019

23 May
Life does not seem to slow down much for myself and many other folks. Busy, busy, busy, trying to get everything done and keep a tiny bit of cash in the bank. Keeping up with household chores such as yard-work,...
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Robservations for May 16, 2019

16 May
Okay so now it is the May Long Weekend. People all over Canada have been plan-ning camping trips and other getaways all spring. And many from Western Canada are planning on being in the Columbia Valley this weekend. What are...
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Robservations for May 2, 2019

2 May
Life brings many changes. I grew up in a small West Kootenay town (Castlegar) which is quite similar to Invermere. Lots of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming, boating, biking, golfing and more. But like most youth,...
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Robservations for April 25, 2019

25 Apr
Multiple personalities. We all have them. We all act differently with our best buddies than we do with our spouse and children or our coworkers. It is a natural behavior pat-tern for humans. We want to fit in where we...
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Robservations for April 18, 2019

18 Apr
It is Easter this weekend and that brings a lot of things to the valley. Valley visitors are a great addition, as is chocolate. Many folks entertain different traditions, from hiding eggs to family meals to attend-ing Church services. Easter...
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