Robservations for June 30th, 2022

30 Jun
This is a tough article to write. I have lots of thoughts about life these days. I have to contemplate my love/hate relationship with our medical system. Our local hospital sucks in many ways full of judgement and discrimination. Some...
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Robservations for May 12th, 2022

12 May
We all can make a difference out there. Many of our friends and acquaintances are having a lot of difficulties these days. Some have health issues, some financial, lots of depression and many other issues. Much of it is happening...
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Robservations for May 5, 2022

5 May
I live a very cyclic life. Dialysis is every second day and that leads to a two week rotation. This week I have dialysis on Tuesday, paper delivery day so it becomes a long, dreaded day. Next week dialysis will...
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Robservations for April 28, 2022

28 Apr
Friendships have a way of going in so many different directions. Finding myself as a needy, weak, deteriorating man has shown me a lot about the value of friends. I basically have three main categories of friends these days. Old...
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Robservations for April 14, 2022

14 Apr
I love this time of year watching the trees budding, the grass greening, golf courses opening, hiking and biking trails drying up, birds singing and so much more. Chilly, sunny morning walks and warm afternoons on the deck. I have...
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