Robservations for May 17, 2018

17 May
We live in a very guarded world. So many of us are afraid to say anything about our lives as we are afraid that we will be judged and/or gossiped about. That includes information about illness. I am pretty open...
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Robservations for April 19, 2018

19 Apr
This past week marks six months since I walked into the Invermere hospital and began my current health (or lack of health) journey. It has been the scariest rollercoaster ride that I can ever imagine. Things seem to go from...
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Robservations for April 12, 2018

12 Apr
It doesn’t matter how many people are involved, working together is the best way to get things accomplished. We have a lot of things to get through every day in our lives and some tasks are quite overwhelming. Whether at...
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Robservations for March 15th, 2018

15 Mar
As I go through my daily adventures I see thousands of things going on. Different people doing different things that allow them to continue on their journeys. The important part of this is that it is their journeys, not mine....
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