Robservations for June 25, 2020

25 Jun
This ‘new normal’ really sucks. I am glancing at past issues and the end of June and start of July were always very busy times. The Valley Peak was full of live music events, markets, breakfasts, parades, fire-works, festivals and...
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Robservations for April 9, 2020

9 Apr
It is tricky to write about happy things when everyone I chat with is in total paranoid mode. I think a good thing to remember is that lots of ‘infected’ people are recovering. It seems like being healthy is a...
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Robservations for December 12th 2019

12 Dec
So last week I went for bloodwork to set up for this Friday’s oncology appointment. Multiple myeloma supposedly always comes back, usually with a vengeance that is fatal. The time frame varies for every patient. Friday the 13th. Who picks...
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