Robservations for June 1 2023

1 Jun
Quite the day on Sunday. A few issues with the dialysis machine and Rocky broke free to visit the ‘Clash of the Titans’ soccer tournament. Thanks to the folks who made sure he was safe. They do an amazing job...
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Robservations for May 25 2023

25 May
This has become an interesting little community. It is quite divided right now over a few issues. That keeps a lot of people from dealing with real issues. Best friends are learning to not get along. So much of this...
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Robservations May 18, 2023

18 May
We live in a very guarded world. So many of us are afraid to say anything about our lives as we are afraid that we will be judged and/or gossiped about. That includes information about illness. I am pretty open...
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Robservations for April 27, 2023

27 Apr
Another week with a nice mix of emails. Feedback is always welcome. Kathy loves The Valley Peak, including my different opinions. She obviously sees some of the same resources as I see. It was a very nice, supportive email. She...
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Robservations for March 16, 2023

16 Mar
The things that matter are right in front of us. Family, friends, coworkers, and others are right here. Right where we are. Yet so many of us seek more. We cannot get by without some validation from strangers on the...
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Robservations for February 16, 2023

16 Feb
Some studies show that egg yolks can reduce the negative effects of the spike protein in the shots. I’ve also seen research that indicates the im-mune system weakens with each dose. The natives have been using pine needle tea (white...
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