Robservations for May 12th, 2022

12 May
We all can make a difference out there. Many of our friends and acquaintances are having a lot of difficulties these days. Some have health issues, some financial, lots of depression and many other issues. Much of it is happening...
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Robservations for May 5, 2022

5 May
I live a very cyclic life. Dialysis is every second day and that leads to a two week rotation. This week I have dialysis on Tuesday, paper delivery day so it becomes a long, dreaded day. Next week dialysis will...
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Robservations for April 28, 2022

28 Apr
Friendships have a way of going in so many different directions. Finding myself as a needy, weak, deteriorating man has shown me a lot about the value of friends. I basically have three main categories of friends these days. Old...
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Robservations for March 10 2022

10 Mar
I have been deeply entrenched into the health care/medical system for a few years now. Up until my kidney failure/bone mar-row cancer I was just an average person, much like yourself, wondering where life was going and how long it...
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Robservations for March 3 2022

3 Mar
I could never explain the thought processes I go through writing The Valley Peak each week. Obviously I am not afraid to touch on some of my thoughts on the mainstream and political narratives but believe it or not, I...
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Robservations for February 24 2022

24 Feb
Willpower is an interesting thing. I guess it is another term for sticking to your values and decisions although willpower tends to refer to health choices. With my health issues I definitely have to be very careful with what eat....
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Robservations for February 17 2022

17 Feb
As you can likely tell, I am getting a bit more vocal about my thoughts on the situation in our country this past couple of years. I see the ‘elites’ (rule-makers) travelling, partying maskless, hugging and pretty much breaking all...
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