Robservations for December 8 2022

8 Dec
I am generally a bit cold. I have blood issues, especially low hemoglobin. For some reason that keeps me permanently chilled. My awesome electric, heated hoodie finally quit working. Underneath my winter coats it felt fantastic. I also have an...
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Robservations for December 1 2022

1 Dec
Entitlement or gratitude? Which of those are you filled with? I think they are pretty much the opposite of each other. We all have so many expectations in today’s society. We want everything and everyone around us to be perfect....
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Robservations for October 6 2022

6 Oct
Happy Thanksgiving folks. People like to ask what you are thankful for and it is an easy answer for me. This Thanksgiving is the 5-year anniversary of the discovery of my kidney failure. I was very close to death in...
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