Robservations for February 16, 2023

16 Feb
Some studies show that egg yolks can reduce the negative effects of the spike protein in the shots. I’ve also seen research that indicates the im-mune system weakens with each dose. The natives have been using pine needle tea (white...
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Robservations for December 8 2022

8 Dec
I am generally a bit cold. I have blood issues, especially low hemoglobin. For some reason that keeps me permanently chilled. My awesome electric, heated hoodie finally quit working. Underneath my winter coats it felt fantastic. I also have an...
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Robservations for December 1 2022

1 Dec
Entitlement or gratitude? Which of those are you filled with? I think they are pretty much the opposite of each other. We all have so many expectations in today’s society. We want everything and everyone around us to be perfect....
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