Robservations for July 13 2023

13 Jul
Perceived authority is a strange thing. Many of us are easy victims to bullying by people that we give power to, whether they deserve it or not. Our government are our paid employees. Remember that. They do not have the...
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Robservations for July 6 2023

6 Jul
It has been an interesting couple of weeks for The Valley Peak. More and more peo-ple have been contacting me with input on what I have been writing and almost all of them have been very positive. A huge shout...
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Robservations for June 29 2023

28 Jun
What is courage? Courage is standing up for your beliefs while knowing that there will be potential negative outcomes for you. Lately it is telling your truth, ‘the truth’ and standing up against crowds of indoctrinated virtue-signalers. What is a...
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Robservations for June 15 2023

15 Jun
How do you define yourself? When some-one asks you about yourself, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Do you answer with information about your job? Is it what is most important to you? Do you talk...
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Robservations for June 8 2023

8 Jun
Sadly, I have to mention this again. I receive a lot of feedback, most of it very positive. But the negative ones are pretty insane. They love to use the words ‘hate speech’ to describe anyone who has a different...
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Robservations for June 1 2023

1 Jun
Quite the day on Sunday. A few issues with the dialysis machine and Rocky broke free to visit the ‘Clash of the Titans’ soccer tournament. Thanks to the folks who made sure he was safe. They do an amazing job...
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Robservations for May 25 2023

25 May
This has become an interesting little community. It is quite divided right now over a few issues. That keeps a lot of people from dealing with real issues. Best friends are learning to not get along. So much of this...
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Robservations May 18, 2023

18 May
We live in a very guarded world. So many of us are afraid to say anything about our lives as we are afraid that we will be judged and/or gossiped about. That includes information about illness. I am pretty open...
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Robservations for May 11, 2023

11 May
Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14. It is a great day to really acknowledge Mom. My mother is incredible. She has taught what is right and what is wrong (I may not always follow her advice) and has always...
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