Robservations for November 9th 2023

9 Nov

I read an incredible sentence the other
day. ‘All that I desire is to do what is
for the good of all’.

That is quite the unselfish statement.
Is it even possible to choose to do
what is best for everyone?
The World would be a pretty good
place to live if everyone thought that
way. But unfortunately, we pretty
much place ourselves before and
above everyone and everything else.

I believe that is one of the reasons that
society is so off-balance. There are
huge differences in the classes out
there. Multi-billionaires with so much
money that they could never spend it
and people with so little that they cannot
even afford a piece of bread.

And once you are down, it is a tough
climb back up. You need to give more
and more money to the rich to survive.
It is hard to consider sharing with everyone,
especially when you consider
yourself ‘better’ than many of the others.
But it would be quite the World if it
was happening. Everyone does have
something to offer but for some folks,
they feel so devalued that they don’t
believe it themselves.

So if you can afford it, try a random act
of kindness. Buy someone a lunch or
something and see how that feels.