Robservations for October 26, 2023

26 Oct

Always do your best. With any task you are performing. It does not have to be your best ever, but try the best you can under your current circumstances. Put in your best possible effort.

Many weeks I find myself dreading putting all these words on paper. It can be difficult coming up with new stuff each week. I think this is year 17 of The Valley Peak. But I do my best under weekly conditions.

This is Halloween weekend. I don’t get any kids here but plenty are out and about. I will still have some candies to devour after-wards, just in case. I think we all know to drive very carefully on the evening of the 31st. I used to love Halloween for getting candy, giving candy and wearing costumes. Someone asked me what my favourite costume was but there are about four outstanding ones. All homemade from scratch. I went as a tank one year when I was in a wheelchair. It was fun.

Speaking of fun, I did get out for a couple hours of fishing last week. It is always a scramble but the time on the boat is amazing. My partner landed a huge trout in the first minute we were out there. It was very exciting.

But back to the start. Your best today may not be as good as yesterday but as long as you are putting as much as you can into it, you will still feel good about doing your best.