Robservations for October 19, 2023

19 Oct

I am a bit lost for thoughts this week. It has
been a rough go with the dialysis machine
lately and I had to get a major controller
part replaced. The company is in the
States but fortunately they have a warehouse
in Kelowna that carries most parts
needed. Many thanks to Darryl from Ace
Couriers for his quick trip out to replace the
part. He had it repaired the same evening
that it broke down in the morning. That is a
huge blessing.

I bought an old Silverado pickup truck and
have had to clean out the bank account to
get it fixed up to be a reliable vehicle. That
is stressing me out a bit as The Valley
Peak is not the most lucrative source of
income. It is already tricky to keep up with
the bills. It seems like rent, hydro, wifi and
cell phone bills just keep coming. I am sure
many of you are finding things more difficult

The fall colours are beautiful again this
year. I am a bit concerned about all the
dying coniferous trees in the valley. It is
great for firewood but trees are very important
as they produce our oxygen while
adding beauty to the area.

I enjoyed the free Thanksgiving dinner at
Rocky River Grill last Monday. I really have
to limit what I eat but turkey with a bit of
gravy is all good. It was nice to see people
taking advantage of the meal while contributing
to the Food Bank.

Be kind, don’t judge, especially what you
don’t know anything about and enjoy nature,
fresh air and a good rest every day.