Robservations for October 12, 2023

12 Oct

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It is a good time for fellowship with family and friends and some good food for most of us. It is a time to reflect on the good things we have in our lives which many of us seem to forget about. I know I do. Last week I came up with a few things I am thankful for but ran out of room, so I will mention a few more this week.
I will also be writing a bit about things that are frustrating me and I can’t understand them. Three topics that many people also complain to me about, hoping that I will stand up for them. People are afraid to oppose what they perceive as authority. We have been raised to conform and lately, if you complain about anything, you are labeled as a hater or racist or whatever they can ostracize you with. Fortunately I have heard some of that enough that it does not scare me away anymore. I have enough issues with my health that I can’t afford to waste a lot of energy on BS. You can find some serious social justice topics on your TV or in other publications.

One thing I do pray for is that people will begin to use critical thinking on some of the obvious lies they see. Question every-thing, including what you see here. I have strong opinions, which I am entitled to, but you do not have to agree. Just think about everything. It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to agree with so much of what is going on. Things are very messed up in our world right now. Brutal censorship in the name of misinformation is almost hilarious.