Robservations for October 5, 2023

5 Oct

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. This week-end has different meanings and emotions for everyone. I hope that you all get some quality time with your family and friends. My family has always celebrated Thanks-giving as a family get together. I am not unable to participate as it is tough going away for a couple days with my dialysis schedule.

For myself it will be pretty quiet. Family is far away and most of my friends will be busy. Rocky, Drew and I will spend some nice time together, maybe on a couple longer walks as I am getting a bit stronger every day.

I am so restricted with my food right now that it is tough for me to go anywhere for dinner. I have had to turn down a nice invite. I do love fresh roasted turkey though and am looking forward to getting a bit for turkey sandwiches.

Now, Thanksgiving will be a lot of health stuff for me. It will be the six-year anniversary of me crashing with my kidneys so lots to think about. Plus it will be a lot of dialysis. Home hemodialysis is quite time-consuming but a necessity to stay alive. Every second day.

I must say I am extremely thankful for nurse Cindy 6 years ago. She figured out my kidney failure after 3 doctors and a resident missed it. I was in heavy breath-ing distress. The resident actually said it was due to smoking cannabis. She tried to make me feel guilty about that. She has a bit to learn about patient care. Can’t imagine having her as my doctor on a regular basis. Cindy decided I needed bloodwork as I looked dehydrated. And that was it.
So for yourself, no matter how miserable you think you are, find those things that you are thankful for. There are a lot more than you think. It will be great for you.

Thanks for reading.