Robservations for September 21, 2023

21 Sep

It is a strange version of Murphy’s Law, but I have noticed that whenever I am in a bit of a hurry, someone with plenty of time somehow gets in front of me.

It can happen at a lunch counter, bank line, driving down the street or just about anywhere.

I just can’t believe that the whole world is not keeping track of my life and getting out of my way when I need them to.

So the thing to always remember is that people are just going about their regular business, taking care of themselves and their families. They are by no means trying to figure out how to get in your way or to affect your day.

When someone cuts you off, they are just living in their own space. They have not done it to cause you personal grief, you just happened to be the accidental victim of their life. I know that I have done it on occasion and I don’t really find it helpful when they hammer on their horn for 20 seconds. Just a light tap to help me realize my mistake is fine.

Don’t get frustrated by others’ actions. They are rarely meant to bother you so don’t let them.

As a matter of fact, learn to expect other’s actions. Know that so many things can happen every day and learn to be amused by anything that would normally have frustrated you in the past. It will change your life.