Robservations for September 7, 2023

7 Sep

As always, Robservations is the last article I write for this issue. My brain has a lot of thoughts in it and a lot of opinions about many topics. Unfortunately our society dictates that you have to be pretty careful to not offend anyone with your comments. It makes things a bit tougher.

Just a couple quick and easy thoughts this week. First off, quit arguing. We all want to be right about everything (and I know that I am haha) but sometimes it is just easier to give up and let the other person be wrong. It is just better to be kind than it is to be right. You will retain a lot more friends that way.

Another thought is about humility and what that means. Humility is the basis of so many virtues. Basically, humility is thinking of others before yourself. Helping others meet their needs, achieve success, find their happiness or whatever will change your life.

Know that your needs will be met as long as you care for others, act with kindness and show humility in your life. It is a good feeling being a good person and you come across unlimited blessings when you are doing the right thing as often as possible.

I have been so blessed by so many people through my whole life and especially in the past few years. Have some faith. Be a good person. Life can be good.
Anyways, have a fantastic week. I hope that you are treated well and that you are paying it forward in multiple ways.