Robservations for August 31, 2023

31 Aug

Always remember that everyone out there has some issues in their lives. It could be health, money, work, relationships, family, addictions, depression or a combination of any of these and so many more.

We all like to walk around like life is going wonderfully, but nearly everyone has that knot in their stomach, tying them down. No one has a perfect life.

And all this affects us, all day, every day. It is nearly impossible to stop our brains from worrying about yesterday and tomorrow.
But because of that, we really miss out on a lot of the pleasures of right now, today. The beauty of a flower, feeling loved, sun-shine, good music, laughter and more. Life can be good if we let it.

But do remember that the person that is frustrating you is going through a lot of stuff themselves. Everyone is. And often the stress and worry are overpowering and it is affecting their daily activities.

Cut everyone some slack. Help each other get through these days of distraction and stress. Be kind. Be nice. Be forgiving. Be helpful.
We are so blessed to live in paradise but we can get caught up inside ourselves and begin to miss all the natural beauty in this valley.