Robservations for August 10, 2023

10 Aug

Life is a long journey of self-growth and
realization. I have made many friends
through high school, college, university,
business, sports and more. Every one of
them seemed like they would be a close
friend for life. But actually, the average
friendship in our Western World only lasts
about 7 years. We actually turn over our
friends often. It is human nature.

I have lived in the valley for more than 20
years. In that time I have become friends
with many residents. Supporting persons
with disabilities, managing the Curling
Centre, golfing, The Valley Peak, fishing
and more. I put many years into gaining
the friendship and respect from many

Five years ago, when my kidneys first
failed, I had a lot of people come and visit
me. I was stuck on a dialysis machine (and
still am) for hours every second day. People
would come and have coffee, play a
game of crib and talk about whatever. I felt
loved for sure. Even more folks promised
they would come sit with me some day.

So here I am, 5 years later with nearly no
close friends left. I have managed to push
a lot of people away. Obviously I am quite
abrasive. I really only have one gentleman
who is a regular visitor still. Him and a few
Hospice volunteers who sit next to my
home dialysis hospital bed.

I sit for 5 hours every second morning.
Please feel free to visit anytime. It makes a
huge difference in my world.