Robservations for August 3, 2023

3 Aug

‘The hottest day in the Earth’s history!’ We heard that on every mainstream news station for a few days a couple of weeks ago. Do you believe that? Or does that trigger a few questions for you? Being such a ‘conspiracy’ guy, that statement raises a few questions for me.

Where was that measurement taken? Not Canada as it was 10 degrees hotter here for most of the 1930s. Maybe somewhere on the equator? How about at the Earth’s core? Is it the average around the World? Australia during the winter season? The Arctic Circle? Where is a pretty basic question, is it not?

Then there is the question of how do they know. Well really, they don’t have any actual idea. I mean, in the Earth’s history? How did they measure that? They didn’t. They are basing it on bs models that have proven to be inaccurate 100% of the time regarding the end of humanity and the Earth. What has it been? 50 or 60 years of pushing fear (terror actually) on humanity so they can increase taxes and control over the people?

Acid rain, run out of oil, ozone layer, global cooling, global warming, climate change and now climate emergency. Do some research and find so much of what is said is not supported by any data. Often the opposite but hey, the TV said it so it must be true. “Safe in a restaurant when sitting and eating, but if you stand up, you are in danger and must wear a mask.” Hahaha. Really? Science? Imagine how they laughed at the control we gave them.

Anyway, I really love my dogs and I appreciate those who treat them well when we meet out there. You can believe that.