Robservations for July 27, 2023

27 Jul

There are so many moments in life that we can find annoying. Life can be a very repetitive cycle and we all have that coworker that does the same silly thing every day that just bugs us.

Or we are visiting family and by the third day we are ready to leave, as almost everything with family can often become a bit annoying.

I was given some great advice by my nephew once. It is up to me to convert the annoyance into amusement. I already know my coworker is going to leave their dirty dishes in the sink, so why do I let it bother me. Instead, I can just chuckle to myself and think, “Ah yes, everything is as it should and will be.”

I know my family is going to be frustrating after a day or two. My brother will be sarcastic, my Mom will treat me like a young, incapable child and everyone around me will have suggestions on what is best for me. Although none of them really know much about my life or lifestyle.

And it is frustrating. Or it used to be. Be-cause now it is amusing. I go into the situation knowing that it will be like that and I can almost pat myself on the back knowingly when it all happens.
My brain has regrouped to find the annoyances rather amusing. It makes for a much better head space all day.

Let the little things go and find much more satisfaction and happiness in your life. Don’t fight on facebook. Don’t judge others. Don’t worry about and try to control the things that really don’t matter much. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Just have fun with it.