Robservations for July 20, 2023

20 Jul

Much of my writing is pretty controversial
to many people. Some folks would rather
just carry on with their daily life than contemplate
that things may not be as good
as they should be. Personally I find many
things off with our ‘leaders’ these days and
I am not afraid to speak it. It has cost me a
few readers and a couple of advertising
clients but I have picked up several others.
This week I received a couple wonderful
supportive emails mentioning that I write
what they think. Quite often they are new
readers visiting the valley. Most locals are
used to me.

No matter what your beliefs, always stay
true to yourself. Many people will just
agree with what others say just to feel like
they belong. That is how we end up in an
upside down world where many things that
we know to be wrong are pushed on us
over and over until we begin to believe and
repeat them. Basic mass manipulation.

When you stand up you will often be labeled
a racist, hater, supremacist, etc.
That shows that they have no actual facts
or points to debate with so they go to
name-calling. Stand up proudly for your
beliefs. It is more important to know who
you are than it is to try to impress other

As for my thoughts today, heads up for
more and more about ‘climate emergencies’
and new lockdowns and restrictions,
including digital currencies leading
to a tricky world. Beware of rain, snow,
warmth, cold, wind, calm, sunshine, cows
and other things that have been around