Robservations for July 13 2023

13 Jul

Perceived authority is a strange thing. Many of us are easy victims to bullying by people that we give power to, whether they deserve it or not. Our government are our paid employees. Remember that. They do not have the right to do a lot of things that we allow them to do.

Lately they have been quietly passing a few bills that are very detrimental to Canadian citizens. Many of us will become criminals without even knowing it just by doing what we have done for years.

We allow these people to waste billions of our dollars laundering through other countries (Ukraine, etc.). We allow them to commit crimes and go unpunished. They force us to answer for every penny we make and give them half but they are unaccountable for anything. It is a sadly broken system.

I do not know how to fix things other than to peacefully stop complying to every ridiculous thing they say. It is usually pretty obvious between what is right and what is wrong. Standing up for what is right may cost a couple of conveniences but it feels great in the long run.