Robservations for July 6 2023

6 Jul

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for The Valley Peak. More and more peo-ple have been contacting me with input on what I have been writing and almost all of them have been very positive. A huge shout out goes to Rob and Donna from Calgary who contacted me while on vacation and actually came and sat with me on dialysis (that is a dream come true for me). They are regular readers and felt they needed to reach out to me.

Many valley guests pick up The Valley Peak for the first time while they are here. Often they comment that they are finally reading something that aligns with their thinking. They all love the beauty of the valley as well.

Writing my opinions and truths has proven to be a very enlightening experience. God has blessed me with this venue to share my thoughts and I appreciate that you read it. Feel free to offer feedback as that is very inspiring for me.

Try to offer positive energy to everyone that you cross paths with. You can change a lot of days with a simple compliment. We all love reinforcement.
I recently read a quote about how weak men comply to get along while strong men stand up for their rights. What is your plan with the next ‘pandemic’ and mandates? The more we comply, the more ‘mandates’ they put on us.

Did you know that at mandate is not a law? It is actually an agreement between two parties, often giving one power over the other. Watch out for that.