Robservations for June 29 2023

28 Jun

What is courage? Courage is standing up for your beliefs while knowing that there will be potential negative outcomes for you. Lately it is telling your truth, ‘the truth’ and standing up against crowds of indoctrinated virtue-signalers.

What is a virtue signaler? Someone who wants to be seen doing something ‘good’, whether it is agreeing with the crowd and persecuting free-thinkers, or holding a Board position just for the prestige of it.

Many people feel very virtuous over complying to illegal government mandates based on lies. The vaccines have not stopped covid like promised but have instead done the opposite. Many vaxxed people have gotten sick but of course they believe they would have been sicker with-out it. Total lies and propaganda by the media and government.

The covid protocol of remdisiver, morphine and a ventilator was not designed to help people. Half the people who trialed remdisiver died but Fauci is a shareholder so it was approved. Ivermectin has always been a solution for thousands of people around the world. But we are told it is a horse paste that is easy to overdose on and we just believe it without looking into it at all. Ignore the Nobel Prize for top anti-viral and anti-parasitic drug on the human market and that billions of doses have been distributed.
Imagine trusting a handful of billionaire-owned news sources while believing that nothing is true on the internet where mil-lions of people voice their opposing views. CNN actually said that doing your own research was a dangerous thing for the country. What a pathetic joke.

Anyways, stand up for what is right. Show some courage and call out the virtue-signalers for what they are. Watch for the trigger words such as ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, ‘awareness’ etc. We are aware, most of us are inclusive and there is diversity every-where.