Robservations for June 8 2023

8 Jun

Sadly, I have to mention this again. I receive
a lot of feedback, most of it very positive.
But the negative ones are pretty insane.
They love to use the words ‘hate
speech’ to describe anyone who has a
different opinion than them. Facts have no
meaning but feelings are pretty important.
We are in a sad time these days.
On the other hand, it is sure hot out there.
The hounds need to be near water for any
afternoon walk and they really prefer the
early morning ones. I do love getting out
during the sunny but cool mornings myself
and I hope all of you take advantage of
those times. I believe we are about to get
hotter. A bonus for all the arsonists starting
the fires (zero lightning happened) to push
the ‘climate emergency’ narrative. We are
blessed to have so many beautiful lakes in
the area to help us cool down.
I want to thank the Hospice Society for the
companionship during dialysis. One of
them was here to help save my life during
a fluid level emergency. It taught me that I
am not as independent as I think I am or
want to be. I do wish more people understood
what dialysis is all about and the
process involved. If you want to learn, drop
by some morning.
I also want to thank God for keeping me
alive. I have questioned all that happens to
me a bit too much. I have been told that I
am living proof, having survived all these
critical health issues, that there is a higher
power out there who is protecting me. I
really don’t know anyone else with kidney
failure, bone marrow cancer, open heart
surgery and a broken femur who are doing
as well as me. I am sure there are a few
out there.
I hope you enjoy the read this week. I will
always be slightly controversial, but not