Robservations for June 1 2023

1 Jun

Quite the day on Sunday. A few issues with the dialysis machine and Rocky broke free to visit the ‘Clash of the Titans’ soccer tournament. Thanks to the folks who made sure he was safe.

They do an amazing job organizing and running that tournament. A lot of solid volunteer work that brings a lot of people to the valley. I remember when it first started a few years ago and it was tricky getting teams in. Now it is one of the best known soccer tournaments out there. I chatted with a Calgary team that was enjoying Chabot Park and beach. They said there was a waiting list and they were happy to finally get in.

Really, good work by all volunteers and organizers of any event that promotes our valley. Most visitors love it here. The Lake Spiel, Pond Hockey, bike races, and so many others events. Good work.

Volunteers are a huge part of this valley. Fortunately we all have different interests and passions and there are a lot of differ-ent opportunities. I am sure volunteering makes many people feel better about themselves and we all could use a bit of that. I am loving the Hospice volunteers who come and sit with me on dialysis. Thanks for that.

So get out there and find a volunteer position that matches your passion. If you love cats, ICAN is always welcoming volunteers. The Thrift Store and Food Bank as well as many other places welcome help.