Robservations for May 25 2023

25 May

This has become an interesting little community. It is quite divided right now over a few issues. That keeps a lot of people from dealing with real issues. Best friends are learning to not get along. So much of this is driven by the vitriolic, lying media.

Everyone is racist, homophobic, misogynistic or supremacists. Trudeau and his media repeat those talking points often. He was pretty happy to label all the truckers that way and sadly, many people bought in to it. He has openly declared his admiration of China and their communism and what a great leader Castro was. Canadians have no history he has stated as he tears down statues and removes any Canadian history off of the new passports. No more Terry Fox memorial, war memorial or other national icons. He is trying to erase history. Right in front of every Canadians’ eyes.

But again, the media tells us it is all about inclusion. Soon we will have digital money, no guns, outlandish food and energy prices I get lots of emails saying I am a hater.

And always some folks have to call anyone who disagrees with anything, a hater. When you are short on facts and truth, name calling becomes the only way to debate. I get that a few times a month for sure. And the writers of those are pretty sure that I am wrong about everything.