Robservations for May 4, 2023

4 May

Why are we here on this planet? It is a
tough question that I am not going to attempt
to answer. I just think we should all
try to be happy while we are here.
Unhappy people fall into a rut. Some of
their regular habits include a lot of negative

Constant complaining is pretty common.
The occasional venting is okay but quit
complaining about nearly everything. It just
puts you in a negative head space and
pushes friends away.

Talking down to yourself. I am bad for that.
A negative self-image will cause you stress
and a lack of confidence. Trust yourself.
Hating your job is bad. Do you really hate
it? Many of us love it at the beginning but
get caught up in the complaining of
coworkers until we think we hate it. Relearn
to love and appreciate your job or
change it.

Chasing cash is common. It is hard not to
think that millions of dollars would change
everything but material goods do not bring
happiness. Love, family and friends bring

Judging others is bad. It makes us think
that we are always being judged. Just accept
folks for who they are and you will feel
accepted. We are all on different journeys.
That’s just a few thoughts. Be happy. Live
richly without being rich.