Robservations for April 27, 2023

27 Apr

Another week with a nice mix of emails. Feedback is always welcome. Kathy loves The Valley Peak, including my different opinions. She obviously sees some of the same resources as I see. It was a very nice, supportive email. She even passed a couple articles on to some Calgary friends.

Bob was a different story. He is more of a mainstream media guy for his research with a bit extra to reinforce his thoughts. I really appreciate that he reads The Valley Peak and make his own decisions. He believes that I am risking a lot of lives with my opinions. He says, “Safe and effective”, ignoring all the strokes, clots, heart issues and cancers happening around us. Everyone has health issues eventually.

I like to think that most of my readers are smart enough to make informed decisions about what they believe. Many agree with me and many don’t. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, especially if their health and bodily autonomy are concerned. No one else can make the decision for you but many will try.

On another note, a bit more light-hearted, most of the lakes are pretty clear of ice or close to it. I just need a couple strong gentlemen to help get the boat back on the trailer. It is an easy enough job but I can’t do it solo. I might offer up a fishing expedition with lots of rainbows guaranteed.

May long weekend is approaching so I am sure we will see a big change in the main lake with all the ski boats and pontoon boats showing up on the water. I hope everyone has an amazing year on the lakes. It is beautiful here.
Sorry for the negativity in this issue. Sadly it is my current state of mind.