Robservations for April 20, 2023

20 Apr

Seventeen years ago it was pretty easy to write this column. I had lots of fresh thoughts in my head. It was a lot of fun observing the feel of the valley.

Now, after years of isolating health issues, combined with crazy non-scientific health mandates, it is a bit more difficult to come up with some good positive thoughts.

This is my second attempt with the first one being full of ranting. I have had to re-think that.

It is important to realize that everyone can have different opinions and you have to accept that. I find it interesting but sad that many old friends do not want to talk to me anymore as we have so many different opinions. That should not affect anything.
I will always push my truth. Live a healthy lifestyle and your immune system can fight off nearly anything. Fresh air, exercise, healthy eating, vitamins, lots of water and lots of rest are all good for you. Your own good health is within you, not within a needle that is making billions of dollars to corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

Do not think our government is out to save us. They are waging a war against farmers which will continue to cause a rise in groceries. Just pay attention everyone.