Robservations for April 13, 2023

13 Apr

Easter was a nice weekend for me. I actually got out to enjoy a couple events. The Hopkins Easter Egg Hunt was fun. I am pretty immobile so I just spectated but my friends found a few eggs. Thanks to Hop-kins for all the work they put into that event.

I also went to the Artisans’ Market at the Community Centre. It was nice to see so many people and lots of vendors. I hope they all did well.

I stayed low Saturday but could see them setting up the kids’ egg hunt up in the soccer fields. They get a great turnout for that every year.

Sunday was off to Church for the first time since I hurt my leg. I have had many folks stop in and pray with me but it was nice to get out to the Radium Christian Fellowship for Easter.

If you throw in some dog walks, that was a nice, busy weekend for me. This is week 11 of healing and it has been a lot of doing nothing. That brought on some depression, for sure. Now I am getting some fresh air and even a bit of exercise. That does a body good anytime.

So I pray for no more serious health issues for myself or for anyone else for that matter. I am happy with how I have adapted to my issues so far and can only hope to get stronger as I go. I wish the same for every-one else out there.