Robservations for March 23, 2023

23 Mar

Is your life perfect? Do you think that any-one’s life is perfect? I can assure that mine is not perfect and has never been even close to that. Of course we all have a different idea of what a perfect life would look like.
I do have a good life though. An incredible one actually. And well, you likely do as well. I mean, if you live here, you are off to a great start.

How about happiness? Are you happy? Are you happy with your life? Because that is important. Very important.
Many of us are waiting for happiness. We think that we need everything to be perfect before we can be happy. We need a house, car, partner, child, job, pension and more before our lives are perfect. We need a lot of things to achieve happiness.

Or do we? Happiness is such a subjective state of mind. You can decide to be happy at any given moment under any circumstance. Or not. You can also decide to never be happy and always look for more or for the greener grass.

Waiting for happiness can lead to a long run. Deciding to be happy can lead to a wonderful life experience. Get happy to-day.

You will find that being true to yourself and honest amongst your friends that you will be much happier. Do not be afraid to be different and stand for what you know is right. Create some happiness.