Robservations for March 16, 2023

16 Mar

The things that matter are right in front of us. Family, friends, coworkers, and others are right here. Right where we are.

Yet so many of us seek more. We cannot get by without some validation from strangers on the internet. It is crazy how many of us go instantly to our phone when we get a notification regardless of who we are actually with at the time. How often do you see two people together but not paying attention to each other or to their kids.

We live in a beautiful spot and are surrounded by many beautiful people almost every day but we miss so much of it. Step back and admire everything around you. Put yourself in a positive mood and generate the energy that others want to absorb.

‘If it is possible, live at peace with every-one’ is the short version of the page 6 Bible verse. It states that we can have as peaceful a life as we like just by feeling at peace with everyone. We may have to change our behavior to achieve that. I know that I am not even close to at peace with everyone. I do try to love all of you.