Robservations for March 9, 2023

9 Mar

Well I am starting get up and around on my walker quite a bit better. My friends are able to take me out on little excursions here and there. It is a nice feeling and hopefully I will soon be back in touch with the community. I have been picking up a couple of new clients but could always use a few more.

I am finding a lot less hateful emails com-ing my way as more and more info is com-ing out about lies told to us by our health officials, politicians and media. Many folks are having a tough time computing all that as we have been taught to trust all ‘experts’ and authorities. We shall see what progresses there. Anyways, good luck to everyone on your journey.

Some people still think I am crazy and don’t want to risk thinking there may be another opinion on many topics. Sadly many other people also have different opinions but are a bit shy about voicing them. It is too easy to just pretend to go along with the crowd.

Just know that I appreciate all readers and love to be challenged to a bit of a debate on my thoughts. If they offend you that might be a good thing as you are challenged with your thoughts. Have a great week,