Robservations for February 9th, 2023

9 Feb

Health seems to be pretty important. I remember just living my life without a single worry about by body and health. I thought I would be young and pain-free forever. I have out grown that theory a few times now.

So I took a huge fall last week and cracked the neck of my femur. I thought it was just a bad bruise for a few days but finally end-ed up calling 911 and ended up coming to Kelowna Hospital by Air Ambulance. I had surgery and am slowly recovering here. Hopefully out in a few days.

I missed an issue of The Valley Peak. I was in so much pain that I could not even think, let alone write. So here I am, 3 am on hydromorphone trying to put something together. It may not be the best issue as I hardly know what day it is. I was out of action during heart surgery for a month last June and I am trying to do better this round.

I really have to thank a lot of people for stepping up and supporting me and the dogs while I am here. Financially I will struggle for a few weeks to get caught up but hey, health matters more. With the painkillers, my thoughts are pretty scattered but I will do my best.
I am non-weight bearing for up to 8 weeks so may need some help with deliveries.