Robservations for January 12 2023

12 Jan

Happy New Year folks. I hope the holidays went great for everyone. It was a quiet time for me as dialysis never stops. As for resolutions, I am pretty much sticking with last year’s plan of continuing to tell my truth. I am too old to worry about offending snowflakes.

I will question the ‘science’ and the ‘experts’ paid to push the propagandas. I will continue to believe in males and females and that God made us as we should be. Men cannot have babies. Pronouns are a joke. I will not treat corrupt politicians, health, education and justice systems with any undue respect. I will respect God and try to move closer to him.

I will not comply with any unreasonable mandate ‘for my safety’ or to ‘protect grandma’. All Lies. Imagine putting on a mask while standing in a restaurant and removing it while sitting and believing that is for safety rather than blind control. I will not let someone pushing lies have any authority over me. I will speak up for what is right and good, and stand up to wrong and evil.

I will hold my head high knowing that I have done my best to inform my community of different narratives than the brain-washing. I will not go to a ‘re-education’ camp or take an experimental jab or agree to a digital ID. I will stand. I will not succumb to unreasonable fear.

How about you? Have you had enough of a taste of tyranny and communism yet? Will you just comply with whatever anyone on the television tells you? Or will you put on your armour with me?