Robservations for December 22 2022

22 Dec

Woohoo! The last Robservations of 2022!
Two weeks off from writing. A nice relief.
Thanks to everyone who reads this stuff
and mentions it to me. You are inspiring.
Here are a few of my thoughts on living in
2023 with some happiness.

Be nice to everyone. It feels great.
Eliminate some negativity from your life. It
is crazy how many folks will complain endlessly
about things that have no relevance
in their lives. Complaining about something
without offering a solution is really just

Increase your positive thoughts. We all live
a million miracles every day, we just don’t
see them. I live in a house with hot water
and food. That’s pretty awesome really.
Do daily random acts of kindness. Making
a bit of a difference in someone’s day can
make a huge difference in your day.

Forgive it. Just let those bad things go.
Love people, not objects. A new friend will
bring you a lot more joy than a new toy. As
will an old friend.

Continue reading The Valley Peak. It’s
always good for a smile.

Have a great Christmas and holiday season.
See you in 2023!