Robservations for December 15 2022

15 Dec

It is so sad that the main intention of the
legacy media these days is to instill fear in
all of us. It was so pathetic watching covid
numbers get posted on every news broadcast.

Sickness and death they said. “Get
vaxxed or grandma will die”. “Pandemic of
the unvaccinated”. “The virus stops with
the vaccine”. “Natural immunity does not
work”. All complete lies meant to scare us
into taking an experimental, untested injection.
And people couldn’t wait.

They are still gaslighting us (saying the
opposite of what we see in front of us).
“Safe and effective”. It is neither, pretty
much the opposite really, but people still
buy it. “Get your kids jabbed as they are

Whenever I see ‘experts say’, I know I am
about to hear paid propaganda designed
to convince me of something. Most of the
‘experts’ find what their funders are asking
for. And yet, here we are.

I hope that everyone has an amazing
Christmas as the New Year will bring a lot
more crap, including a huge carbon tax
(another useless thing and a big lie), new
gun laws and more. I won’t be surprised if
they try to get vitamin D off the market as it
helps with our immune systems.

I hope a few resolutions are to stand up
against this tyranny and facism.