Robservations for December 8 2022

8 Dec

I am generally a bit cold. I have blood issues,
especially low hemoglobin. For some
reason that keeps me permanently chilled.
My awesome electric, heated hoodie finally
quit working. Underneath my winter coats
it felt fantastic. I also have an electric blanket
on my dialysis bed as I am always
shivering cold while cleaning my blood.

My home has a wood stove downstairs
and we keep that going pretty good but the
heat just doesn’t find its way to my bedroom
or dialysis room very well. The windows
get pretty frosty. I am always wearing
an extra shirt or sweater around the
house and I have a nice space heater that
I set up near my couch or desk when I am
sitting there. The problem with that is that I
get sleepy when I get warmed up. It is difficult
to get the paper written.

Drew is an incredible source of heat. My
move is to put him to bed before me and
cover him with a bit of the covers. His body
preheats the bed perfectly. I crawl in for a
bit of a cuddle and I am quickly asleep.
I hope that all of you are able to stay good
and warm this winter. Make sure your
friends and neighbours have heat as well.

There a lot of folks who are struggling a bit
financially and some have to choose between
food and heat or insurance or whatever.
If you are freezing and need a warm
place to visit, please stop in here with the
wood stove and fireplace going.

Be there to support anyone you see that
might need it. Kindness always provides