Robservations for December 1 2022

1 Dec

Entitlement or gratitude? Which of those
are you filled with? I think they are pretty
much the opposite of each other.

We all have so many expectations in today’s
society. We want everything and
everyone around us to be perfect. Our
version of perfect that is. We get offended
if another vehicle cuts in front of us or if a
friend doesn’t treat us the way we feel they

We seem to forget that the other folks are
living their lives towards their ‘perfection’
also. They aren’t really interested in our
needs. They are travelling their own road
with their own expectations of us.

We have to learn to ‘get over it’ quickly.
Forget about it if someone does not do as
you expect of them. Just carry on and be
grateful for what they did do.

That is the key. Teach yourself to be grateful
for all the things around you. We all
have a lot going for us but we just take it
all for granted.

I can say that my life is a lot tougher than it
was a couple of years ago, but through this
journey I have seen a lot of blessings. I
have had many people step up to help me
in many ways. And I am grateful.

A perfect example is dialysis itself. I hate it
but I am grateful that I am able to do it and
stay alive. Believe me, the gratefulness
outweighs the negative aspects every