Robservations for November 17 2022

17 Nov

Another week has gone by. My bloodwork is pretty awesome right now after slipping a bit during my time in Kelowna Hospital. Being there for a month and not following my usual anti-cancer protocol seemed to do a bit of damage.

My cardiologist refused my heart surgery due to the numbers rising and my oncologist had to reassure him he has the ‘tools’ (chemo) to help me out if things go sour.

Instead I have been able to get back on my naturopath protocol including vitamin D3, cannabis oil, turmeric, ivermectin, omega 3, low sugar, exercise, rest and more, such as lots of prayers from friends and strangers. God is good.

We can manifest better health through God. We can manifest many things.

I am finding that I am still a lot weaker than I would like to be. I cannot lift heavy things and I tire quickly on some walks, especially uphill. I have just been existing and healing with the help of lots of good friends. I try to push a bit further or faster each time but I need to do some kind of strength building.

We can all make a huge difference in our health when we finally decide to. Doctors cannot fix you if you are not trying to fix yourself. Take control of your own health.