Robservations for November 10 2022

10 Nov

I have a lot of thoughts every day. So
when it comes to Robservations my mind
is often racing. Other times it is just blank.
This week I will talk about things that
amaze me and give me joy.

I love my dogs, obviously. I love the way
Rocky groans when I rub his back. I love
the way Drew wants to cuddle in the bed
and will stay there for hours in the morning
until I come in and rub him down. It feels

I love the way the sun hits Mr. Nelson in
the mornings when we are out walking.
Some days it is a bright gold colour. Very

I love pristine mountain lakes and sitting
on them in a little boat with a fishing rod in
my hands. Even more is the feeling of my
rod bending over, almost ripping out of my
hands, as a nice rainbow trout takes my
fly. It is exciting.

I love the way my garden has grown the
past two years. A tiny seed that produces
massive numbers and sizes of vegetable.
God is amazing.

I love that despite kidney failure, multiple
myeloma, a triple bypass and a valve replacement,
I am still here. That is definitely
a miracle or four.

And I really love that I have this platform
(The Valley Peak) to get my thoughts and
stories out to the readers. I hope to provoke
some critical thinking while supporting
many valley events.