Robservations for November 3 2022

3 Nov

There is a lot of love in this world and I am blessed to get some of it on a regular ba-sis. Any time I even look at Rocky or Drew I want to drop whatever I am doing and go over and pet them. Bedtime is an incredible experience.

Rocky hops up and plants himself in the lower corner of the bed. I have to get out of normal position to pet him. He will moan and press his head into my hand. If I stop he half gets up and stares at me. He is good at applying guilt.

Drew is more of a cuddler. He hops up and comes up to the head of the bed where he is easy to reach. He almost purrs when I pet him. He will snuggle in under the blanket with me. He is a natural heater.

I don’t sleep very well so often I will get up in the middle of the night and come work on the computer or try nodding off on the couch. Drew just rolls over to where I was lying. He likes the warmth and does not want to give that spot up.

Rocky, on the other hand, will follow me out into the living room. He just loves to be near me at all times. It is a wonderful feel-ing. I think everyone should have a dog. It feels great.

Plus they make me walk a few times a day. It has really helped with my health.