Robservations for October 27 2022

27 Oct

I love the way my dogs moan and groan when I pet them. They are also very vocal if I mention a walk or a treat. Drew howls with joy. It almost makes me wish I was a dog. They have so few serious issues to think about. Show me some love and everything else falls into place. Food, walks and some loving. I could live like that.

Humans should be more like dogs. Get our work done and spend the rest of the time enjoying everything. That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Instead we worry about producing income just to give half of it to the takers (government) who keep invent-ing new taxes. Taxes would be great if they were being invested back into the communities but instead they are being handed out to other countries for corruption and laundering.

I like how patient the hounds are for hours during dialysis. They do come in on occasion to seek treats. They will growl and howl until I give up a little snack. It is funny and endearing. They are also waiting for the dog walker to arrive. Then there is some excitement.

I should mention my appreciation for the folks who have been visiting and helping with the dogs. I am trapped on the dialysis machine for hours and you all make a huge difference in my stress levels. You have prevented many panic attacks.

Anyways folks, be happy as often as possible and stand for what you know to be true. Following the masses to not stand out will never work.