Robservations for October 20 2022

20 Oct

Hahaha. I guess I am an interesting study
in the mental health world. My counselor
was asking me when I first realized that I
like to help people. I have been a support
person for disabilities, a clown, first aid
attendant, curling club manager, United
Way program initiator, student aide and
much more. Life has been an adventure.

I could never nail down when I first helped
someone but I know that anytime you do
something for someone without expecting
a return, it feels good. For anyone. You
don’t need to brag up your good deeds.
Just quietly do them and feel good about
yourself. Helping is God’s work.

I was also asked why I am willing to openly
voice my opinions even though they seem
contrary to public opinion at the best of
times. Truth is important and to me, speaking
my truth is very important. I was raised
that way and have always questioned authority
when needed.

But now it is even better. With my health
issues and predicted outcomes, I don’t
have a lot to lose. There are a lot of evil
things happening in the world and it is
tough to just stand by and say nothing.
Much of it is unbelievable because most of
us can’t understand evil. I know I can’t but
I believe it is out there. But I know it is
good to try and stand up to it.

Don’t be afraid to go against the main narrative
when you can see it is obviously false. You will feel better about yourself
when you are true to yourself.