Robservations for October 13 2022

13 Oct

Obviously I live a bit in the ‘conspiracy’
side of things. I turn away from the television
and look things up otherwise. It is too
easy for the news to skew stories to suit
their narratives. So many things that are
happening don’t even need any research
as they are so obvious. I would hope that
anyone can see upcoming food shortages,
chem trails, digital ID and currency, climate
change, gun grabs, failing education and
health systems, corrupt governments and
big business and so much more.

We are going through a huge transfer of
wealth with record profits for oil companies,
pharmaceutical companies and pretty
much any other lobbying group. And it is
all paid for with your tax money.
But that’s okay. The Canadian government
is the largest employer in the country
(more than 40% of the population) so they
have lots of support for their policies. Unfortunately
the food banks, homeless shelters,
rehab centres, soup kitchens and tent
city numbers are climbing rapidly. We are
in trouble.

It is sad that when I comment on how our
‘elites’ are taking advantage, I will get one
or two hard-working, blue collar tax slaves
come to their defense. People would rather
starve than question the system.
As for the vaccines being ‘safe and effective’,
that is a huge lie. They are not even
slightly effective at stopping covid and
there have been lots of adverse reactions.
But they keep pushing that lie even though
they know that many people know it is a