Robservations for October 6 2022

6 Oct

Happy Thanksgiving folks. People like to ask what you are thankful for and it is an easy answer for me. This Thanksgiving is the 5-year anniversary of the discovery of my kidney failure. I was very close to death in October of 2017 and am grateful for the renal department in Trail hospital for saving me. It took several misdiagnoses to get me to that point but that is irrelevant now.

I thank God for the five years I have been given on borrowed time. I was sure my time had expired back then.

Now I am recovering from open heart surgery. It has been three months now and I am much stronger. But I am very aware of how close to death I was again. The cardiology folks in Kelowna hospital worked hard to upgrade my failing heart. I remember the surgeon saying it would not matter to me if they failed as I would just not wake up. I also had a new friend reading Bible verses to me to remind me that there is glory and joy in the afterlife.

But again, God said, “No. Not yet for this guy. He has work to do.” So here I am, super thankful to be alive (I forget that sometimes during dialysis.).
I am very thankful to all the folks who have supported me with visits and meals, especially when I was really struggling after surgery. I strive to help other folks in any way I can. I am glad that I am able to make a slight difference in a few people’s lives as so many of you have made a difference in mine. WE all need to help others as often as we can.