Robservations for September 29 2022

29 Sep

Loneliness is a large part of being human. Many of us don’t like our own personalities so we have a need to be with someone else as much as possible. We don’t quite love ourselves.

I realize how far into this I am while on dialysis. For a few hours every second day I pray someone will come by for a visit. Sometimes I have a mild panic attack if I am isolated for too long. Visitors have come in streaks through the years. It has been 4 years of home hemodialysis now.

Lately the Hospice Society has been send-ing a volunteer to come and visit during nearly every run. That has been quite wonderful. I suggest anyone contact Hospice and ask about their services.

A lot of folks put up a strong front in public while living a very lonely life at home. Many of us spend hours alone in our homes and unless you are very comforta-ble with yourself, that can lead to some lonely souls. Get out of your house often. Just a walk around the block will usually clear the mind and help the soul. Eventual-ly you will be saying “Hi” to more and more people and will begin to forge some relationships.
Many of us choose to stay home but often regret when we do.

It never hurts to stop in and check on your single friends once in a while. A friendly visitor can really change someone’s day.